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Improving Smiles by Removing Excess Tissue

For some patients, teeth are not the problem. While their pearly whites may appear shorter or more “stubby,” the real problem exists with the gums, not the teeth. While many dental offices offer various teeth-related cosmetic dentistry in Concord, at Generations Dental Care, we are proud to provide our patients with gum recontouring. This unique and innovative procedure can eliminate excessive gum tissue, create even gum lines, and offer more aesthetically pleasing smiles. To learn more about this process or to find out if you are a candidate for this type of procedure, contact us today!

What is Gum Recontouring?

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When the gums are taking up too much of your smile, it’s time to consider gum recontouring. Performed by one of our dentists or our in-house periodontist, this quick and painless procedure can have you seeing a new and improved smile in no time at all. By removing unnecessary, excessive gum tissue from your mouth, not only will your teeth appear longer, but you’ll feel confident in your ability to smile again.

Am I a Candidate for Gum Recontouring?

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During an initial consultation with one of our highly-skilled dentists, we will evaluate your smile and determine your individual goals. To determine if you are a qualified candidate for gum recontouring, one or more of the following should be present:

How a Soft Tissue Laser is Used

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The gum recontouring procedure is one that is quick, easy, and for the most part, completely painless for the patient. Instead of using scalpels and sutures, our dentists employ a soft tissue laser, which uses an intense, focused beam of light to reshape soft tissues.

Once your dentist determines how your gums should appear, they will turn on the laser, which will quickly remove various portions of the gum tissue. It cauterizes the tissue in the process so that bleeding will be minimized, and your gums will regenerate quicker. This allows for much easier and faster recovery time.

What Are the Benefits of Gum Recontouring?

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The Recovery Process

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Although the procedure will be much easier than if regular scalpels and sutures were used, it will be necessary for you to spend some time recovering and healing. Some minor soreness is normal in the days following your procedure, so if you want to ensure you heal properly and timely, it’s best if you take these steps:

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