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Clear Braces to Straighten Teeth

Do you often find yourself dreaming about correcting the gaps and misaligned teeth in your smile at last? Many adults often feel like they’ve missed their chance to undergo orthodontic treatment with traditional braces. After all, metal brackets and wires are better suited to children in middle school, not polished professionals who need to maintain a natural, confident appearance.

Just like the name "Invisalign" implies, you can look forward to enjoying a subtle and convenient treatment process that doesn’t take away from your self-esteem and enthusiasm in everyday life. We also offer Propel Orthodontics as way to help decrease your treatment time and ensure more pleasing results. To schedule a consultation and learn whether or not Invisalign in Concord is right for your unique smile, don’t hesitate to contact Generations Dental Care today. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to hear about our limited-time Invisalign specials!

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How Invisalign Works

Invisalign treatment doesn’t use any of the typical components of traditional metal braces. Instead, our team will capture detailed impressions of your smile and then send them to the Invisalign laboratory, where they’ll create a customized set of clear, high-quality plastic aligners that is sent back to our Concord office in turn. Each aligner is designed to represent a different stage of your teeth as they’re gradually shifted towards their ideal positions. The patients’ job is simple – you’ll wear each clear aligner for a certain period of time (usually around two weeks) before switching to the next aligner in the set.

Patients can also expect to attend regular progress appointments every six weeks or so when using Invisalign in Concord. These visits will be short, and they’ll allow our capable dentists to assess your smile’s changes, provide you with your next set of aligners, and ensure that your care is progressing smoothly.

How Propel Invisalign Treatment Works

Invisalign is truly a revolutionary orthodontic treatment. Thanks to its nearly invisible appearance and removability, Invisalign is certainly one of the most convenient ways to get a healthier smile! While this unique service already boasts an average treatment time that’s significantly shorter than traditional metal braces, we can help you achieve your results even sooner! With Propel Orthodontics, the treatment is more efficient than ever before. The VPro5 and the Excellerator Series speed up the orthodontic process to help you enjoy your beautiful smile in even less time. 

The Best Fit with THE VPRO5™

It is extremely important that the Invisalign aligners fit properly and securely around the teeth. An improper or loose fit can delay treatment times or possibly require patients to backtrack in their treatment and wear a set of aligners a second time. The VPro5 offers a solution to help ensure secure seating of the aligner to prevent this common issue.

The daily VPro5 treatment is completed by the patient in just 5 minutes. After inserting your Invisalign aligner, simply bite down firmly -- without clenching the jaw -- on the VPro5 device for 5 minutes. The mouthpiece is comfortable and easy to clean up after use. The vibration gradually increases, so there are no surprises. Once the 5-minute treatment is complete, the aligners are properly seated to help ensure the aligners do their job with the maximum efficiency. It’s simple, easy, fast -- and it works!


Everybody’s talking about the Excellerator Series -- and it’s no wonder why. These small, handheld tools operated by your dentist create small “manual osteoperforations” (i.e. dental dimples) which can dramatically accelerate orthodontic treatment -- sometimes by 50% to 60%. The dimple is a minor injury that temporarily weakens the jawbone, allowing the teeth to move faster.

It just takes a few minutes to perform this treatment during your regularly scheduled appointment. We will slightly numb your jaw to ensure you do not feel anything at all throughout the process. Propel Orthodontics makes three tools in the Excellerator Series, which gives your dentist greater flexibility depending on your needs.

Benefits of Propel Orthodontics

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  • Shorter treatments and less time spent with braces overall
  • Comfortable application of VPro5 and the Excellerator Series
  • Same great results with accelerated orthodontics
  • Customizable treatments to serve your smile best

To see if the VPro5 or Excellerator Series for Invisalign are right for you, we invite you to come in for a consultation. Request an appointment online to get started discussing accelerated orthodontics!

Issues That Invisalign Can Treat

Closeup of patient wearing Invisalign in Concord

Invisalign treatment has been clinically proven to be effective in treating a wide variety of mild and complex orthodontic concerns, such as the following:

The Benefits of Invisalign

In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, straightening your smile with Invisalign also offers valuable health-related advantages. For instance, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and safe from decay with consistent brushing and flossing. Invisalign also works wonders in correcting discomfort or strain caused by a misaligned bite. Here are some of the most popular benefits of Invisalign that our patients love:

“I've been bringing my 2 year old daughter there for her routine check-ups since she turned 1 and we couldn't have asked for a better experience! She has zero fears about going to see the Dentist since we started her at such a young age! My husband also completed his Invisalign treatment there and we are so thankful that they were able to straighten his teeth and give him a healthier smile in just a few short months! This office and all of the staff we encountered were all-around incredible for our routine dental care, and orthodontic needs! This is the place for families!!!”

Amanda, Concord, NH

“I had my Invisalign treatment at Generations Dental Care and I am beyond happy with the final result ! The amount of knowledge and information given during the whole process was amazing and very helpful. All of my questions were answered to the fullest and in a timely manner. The initial visit to get all the records/information was FREE as well as the overview appointment with the Dr to see what the treatment would entail! Once I got to see what my treatment would look like I then was able to met with one of the lovely financial coordinators to go over cost/insurance and scheduling! Everything was seamless and I couldn't be happier! I would highly recommend Generations Dental Care for anyone who is thinking about going through Invisalign!”

Christina, Concord, NH

“The staff and the commitment at Generations Dental Care is exceptionable. Having Invisalign done was probably one of the best decisions, I’ve made. Not only did I get rid of several space issues with my teeth it also made me more confident and happier to see a perfect smile. Hands down I would highly recommend this office for Invisalign, as well as any dental work you might need!”

Krystal M., Concord, NH

“If I could give them more than 5 stars I would! It’s honestly the Disney World of Dentistry here in Concord. The entire staff is always helpful and go out of their way to assist you however they can. I started going here because it was close to my work and they offered Invisalign. My first impression walking in, was WOW....then I had this sinking feeling I was going to be ripped off to help pay for the wow factor...NOPE! Not once have they suggested I have work done that I didn’t need. I needed sealants and they were able to get them at no cost to me. They are over the top in the best way. Dr. Stetsyuk is down to earth, honest and enjoyable to look at. I couldn’t recommend anyone better.”

Emily M., Concord, NH

“Not only is this by far the best dentist I've ever been to, but this office tops the quality of any healthcare provider I've ever been to. I've been a patient for the last year and I'm so thankful to have found this office. My teeth have never been in better shape. I get a cleaning every three months and I've both started and completed invisalign during my year as a patient. The staff are the kindest, warmest, and most gentle with my teeth, and they always make me feel like I'm at home. Dr. McCann gives me the most comprehensive exams of any dentist I've visited and she pays clear attention to every detail of her work. I appreciate this office so much, and would highly recommend them to anyone! If I could give more than 5 stars I would.”

Megan F., Concord, NH

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The cost of Invisalign depends on how many aligners a person needs and if they require any extra attachments to make their treatment effective. In general, though, the total price of Invisalign is in the same ballpark as traditional braces. Oftentimes, insurance companies are even willing to cover part of the cost. We’re also happy to help you apply for low-interest financing so you can break up your bill into manageable monthly chunks. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll look at some specific numbers with you so you can decide whether there is room in your budget for Invisalign.

Additionally, we’re proud to have limited-time special offers on our Invisalign services so anyone can afford a straighter smile! Be sure to follow us on social media to catch our latest Invisalign specials!

Invisalign FAQs

Closeup of Invisalign in Concord

Choosing how to achieve a straightened beautiful smile is a big decision, so it’s natural to have some questions that need answers before you’re ready to commit to a treatment plan. At Generations Dental Care, we always want you to feel 100% confident in whichever of our services you choose. That’s why, for your convenience, we’ve gathered some of the most common questions we get about Invisalign below so you can learn more. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

The length of every patient’s Invisalign treatment is different and will depend on the severity of your orthodontic concerns. Our doctors can give you a more confident estimate after your consultation, but most adults can expect to use Invisalign aligners for about 12 months on average as long as they wear them consistently and for 22 hours or more each day. This is a definite improvement over traditional braces, which usually require multiple years at a time to be completely effective.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Your Concord cosmetic dentist is the best person to help you determine whether you are a candidate for Invisalign. While this treatment is right for many people, you may want to look into other orthodontic treatment options if:

  • You suffer from severe tooth misalignment or other serious orthodontic problems. Invisalign is capable of correcting a wide range of issues, but if the alignment problems in your mouth are extreme, metal braces might be a better option for you.
  • You’re worried about compliance. It takes a measure of self-discipline to wear Invisalign the recommended amount. If you think you may forget to wear your aligners, or if you think it would be too much of a hassle to remove them during meals, this treatment may not be right for you.
  • Your mouth is still developing. Young children are not candidates for Invisalign because their jaws and teeth are still maturing.
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