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What Are Reasons a Root Canal Is Good News?

November 4, 2021

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Snakes are like root canals. Huh? Well, both seem to have undeservedly bad reputations while they are actually quite beneficial.

Snakes do a wonderful job of pest control, their venom is often part of the cure for a bite from the same species, and researchers even studied the movement of snakes to create robots that can maneuver into small spaces and be an essential part of rescue efforts in the wake of natural disasters.

But this is a dental blog, so let’s get back to root canals. Thanks to cartoons, movies, and people’s imaginations, root canals have gotten a bad rap over the years. While root canals are something that many people should try to avoid, they do not deserve the reputation that they receive.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of root canal therapy in Concord from your dentist.

Look Forward to Leaving Your Pain Behind Soon

Often, but not always, root canals are preceded by intense tooth pain. Although you can require a root canal without having pain, many patients do experience severe discomfort prior to this treatment. However, once the root canal has been performed, the pain should disappear because the pulp with the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth will have been removed and the inner tooth chamber sealed. So, hearing you need a root canal is like being told that relief is coming soon!

Your Tooth Gets a Second Chance

Although you wish circumstances could be different, realize that even in the face of a root canal procedure, your situation could be much worse. The problem could necessitate extraction. You might initially think you’d be better off simply removing the tooth than undergoing root canal therapy, but that’s not true.

Dentistry has made great strides over the years with replacement teeth – especially dental implants. However, nothing can completely compensate for a natural tooth. Plus, replacing teeth can take months or more than a year. That’s why most dentists tend to take a preventive approach and try to salvage real teeth as much as possible. Without successful root canal therapy, decayed or damaged teeth would have to be removed entirely.

Save the Money You’d Otherwise Spend on Replacement Teeth

Replacing lost teeth takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Even bridges and dentures, which have a lower initial price tag, can end up costing you much more over time with replacements every few years. You could save thousands of dollars in the long term by keeping most of your original tooth and treating it with a more cost-effective root canal and dental crown.

If you’re told that you need a root canal, don’t worry. Look on the bright side, this treatment allows you to enjoy these benefits and regain a healthy smile even after tooth decay or injury. Everyone deserves a second chance, even teeth!

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