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A Closer Look at Some Possible Procedures You Might Need Before Dental Implants

May 4, 2023

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Dental implants are virtually unrivaled when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Thanks to their unique placement method, these posts are capable of providing a patient with a fully rebuilt smile that looks great and functions marvelously. That said, not just anyone with missing teeth is immediately eligible for dental implants; in certain instances, a preliminary procedure might be needed to ensure that once the implants are placed, they stay there for many years to come. Here’s more from your trusted dentist about a few of these procedures and what they can accomplish.

Dental Implants Need Ideal Circumstances

To put it simply, dental implants are designed to last for several decades—but they can only endure for this long if they’re placed into favorable circumstances. This is why dentists and oral surgeons stress the importance of patients who desire dental implants to undergo one of these various preliminary procedures to address points of concern, like inadequate jawbone density, gum disease, and other issues. If the fusion of implant and bone, known as osseointegration, cannot occur, the implants won’t have a great chance of success!

A Few Possible Procedures You Could Need Before Getting Implants

If your dentist has informed you that you’ll need one of these procedures, don’t fret! They’re intended to ensure that your mouth is healthy and capable of hosting dental implants. Here’s more about a few of the most common procedures that patients must sometimes undergo in preparation for getting implants:

Dental Bone Graft

This is one of the most useful preliminary procedures available for patients who need dental implants but don’t have sufficient jawbone density. Having missing teeth for a while can cause your jawbone to weaken to the point of not being able to support implants; your dentist can borrow and repurpose bone from another part of your body (usually the mouth) to fortify your jawbone in preparation for implants.

Sinus Lift

These are fairly similar to dental bone grafts; however, they’re utilized when implants are being used to replace molars or premolars in the upper part of the mouth, and more room is needed in the sinus cavity to facilitate the implants. Your dentist can essentially increase the amount of space between the jawbone and upper sinus, making the required amount of room for a dental implant to be placed.

Tooth Extraction

In some instances, natural teeth must be removed in order to create space for dental implants. This is often the case when a patient has a tooth that’s severely decayed, or irreparably damaged. Needless to say, the extracted tooth can be replaced with an implant once things have healed properly.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease poses a major threat to dental implants, since it can compromise the tissue surrounding them and prevent osseointegration from occurring as intended. Patients with compromised gum health will need to undergo treatment before receiving implants. If you’re a smoker, this is a great opportunity to quit too, since the habit encourages gum disease and therefore threatens dental implants.

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