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Let Preventive Dentistry from Generations Dental Care Help You and Your Family Avoid Oral Health Problems

January 25, 2015

170082992Ever wonder why your dentist wants to see you every six months? Yes, yes—of course he or she likes seeing you. The actual reason, however, is because with regular checkups you and your dentist can work together to help you avoid oral health problems. In fact, the primary goal of dentistry is to prevent problems before they become painful or expensive. With this in mind, the dentists at Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, place an emphasis on preventive dentistry for their patients, young and old.

Preventive Dentistry at Home

There are several components to preventive dentistry, but believe it or not the process begins with you. When you brush and floss your teeth twice a day, every day, you are taking an important step in preventing oral health problems. When you brush, you remove plaque, which can become dental tartar—the sticky substance with acid-producing bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing, of course, is critical to removing food particles and plaque from between teeth.

Preventive Dentistry in the Office

At your regularly scheduled checkups with Generations Dental Care, our dentists and their staff supplement your at-home regimen. We will clean your teeth, remove plaque, take x-rays when necessary to expose hidden areas of decay, and examine all of the soft tissue in your mouth to spot any abnormalities that may be a warning sign of oral cancer. Furthermore, we may recommend fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth’s enamel, or dental sealants, which create a barrier between your deeply grooved molars and decay-causing bacteria.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If it’s time for you or a family member to see the dentist for a checkup, then call the office of Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, today. With preventive dentistry, you can avoid a host of dental problems. We also conveniently serve patients in Pembroke, Hooksett, Canterbury, Loudon, Bow, and Manchester and the surrounding communities.

Relax…. Generations Dental Care has Sedation Dentistry

January 10, 2015

76132811“… the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” said President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his first inaugural address in 1932. One has to wonder if there were any dental-phobes listening to those famous words and thinking to themselves, “and dentists.” Although there might not have been much that could be done back then to quell those fears, today there is. If you have been avoiding the dentist out of fear, then now is the time to relax and come to Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, for sedation dentistry.

According to the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, some 30 percent of the population avoid seeing the dentist because of fear. Not only does this fear prevent people from receiving the dental care they need, it may also be indirectly having a negative effect on their overall health, because many systemic conditions have been linked to oral health. Thus, the need to defeat that fear becomes all the more important.

Sedation Dentistry to the Rescue

At Generations Dental Care, our dentists and their staff are trained to use oral conscious sedation to help relieve a patient’s fear and anxiety. Your dentist will prescribe a commonly used sedative or anti-anxiety medication for you to take about one hour before your appointment. A word of caution: with oral conscious sedation, you will need a family member or friend to drive you to and from your appointment. Once in the office, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while we take care of your dental needs. In fact, you may not even remember the appointment.

With sedation dentistry you can overcome your fear of the dentist and receive the dental care you need.

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Don’t let your fear of the dentist prevent you from receiving proper dental health care. Call Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, and ask about sedation dentistry. We also conveniently serve patients in Pembroke, Hooksett, Canterbury, Loudon, Bow, and Manchester and the surrounding communities.

Protect Your Long Term Health with Routine Oral Cancer Screenings in Concord, NH

December 24, 2014

179318324Has it been more than six months since your last dental visit? If it has, and you’re over 40, you could be putting more than just your dental health at risk. You could be skipping out on the oral cancer screening that could one day save your life. Oral cancer is a deadly form of the disease, but it can often be spotted in its earliest stages during a routine dental examination. If oral cancer is caught early, the chances of a positive treatment outcome are dramatically increased.  Unfortunately, many patients have wait too long to see a dentist, jeopardizing their ability to fight the disease. Don’t take chances with your good health; make an oral cancer screening appointment with Generations Dental Care today. Generations Dental Care can help you protect your long term oral and overall health. The experienced dentists of Generations Dental Care proudly serve patients of all ages daily throughout Concord, NH, Manchester, Epsom, Loudon, Canterbury, Hooksett, Bow, Pembroke, Boscawen, Penacook, Hopkinton, and surrounding communities.

Who Needs Regular Oral Cancer Screenings?

The risk for developing oral cancer is higher for men, but increases for both men and women with age. However, research shows that oral cancer is becoming more common among younger patients and women. Behavioral risk factors include:

  • Tobacco Use: The majority of oral cancer cases are a direct result of smoking and tobacco use.
  • Alcohol Use: Drinking alcohol in excess is another major risk factor for oral cancer. While an occasional glass of wine is safe, drinking an entire bottle in a single evening would put you at higher risk.
  • HPV: Many experts believe the Human papillomavirus (HPV) will soon overtake tobacco use as the number one cause of oral cancer.
  • Poor Nutrition: Up to half of all oral cancer cases can be due in part to poor nutrition.  A diet rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants will keep your body fit and help reduce the risk of developing oral cancer.

What Are the Warning Signs of Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer can become evident in many places including: the lips, tongue, gums, cheek, and throat. It’s critically important to make an immediate appointment for an oral cancer screening if you experience any of the following:

  • Mouth ulcers which do not heal after a few weeks
  • Red or white spots or bleeding anywhere in the mouth
  • Lumps or swellings in the mouth, head, or neck area
  • Persistent sore throat or earaches
  • Sudden unexplained weightloss

Concord Oral Cancer Screenings

While it’s always important to visit a dentist regularly to maintain healthy teeth and gums, it could also be a vital step in protecting your long term health from serious conditions like oral cancer. Make your appointment for an oral cancer screening with Generations Dental Care today. Generations Dental Care is a trusted Concord family dentistry. Generations Dental Care supports the health of patients daily throughout Concord, NH, Manchester, Epsom, Loudon, Canterbury, Hooksett, Bow, Pembroke, Boscawen, Penacook, Hopkinton, and nearby areas.

Root Canal Therapy: Save a Tooth and Save a Smile

November 24, 2014

480377293When you have a cavity, you know the drill. No pun intended. But what happens if the bacteria that causes decay on the outer surface of your tooth penetrates deeper? Well, that you could begin to feel if the soft tissue inside the tooth is affected. Then, repairing the tooth may require more than a filling. The dentists at Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, can restore teeth to their proper function and appearance with root canal therapy.

Although decay is the most common reason why a tooth would need a root canal, it’s not the only one. If a tooth suffers a deep crack due to injury, has had repeated dental procedures or a large filling, then a root canal may be necessary. And although many people think that root canal therapy is painful (with modern anesthetics, the procedure is usually painless), it’s actually not having a root canal that is painful. The toothache that ensues when a tooth’s pulp, or soft tissue, becomes infected by decay causing bacteria can be extreme. Other signs that a root can may be necessary include:

  • Swollen gums around the tooth
  • Severe pain with chewing or any kind of pressure
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures on the tooth
  • Discoloration of the tooth

During a root canal, Dr. Tevyah Dines, the endodontist at Generations Dental Care, will remove the tooth’s infected pulp and nerve tissue along with any bacteria and debris. Once the root is meticulously cleaned, the doctor will fill the space with a biocompatible material and seal the root chamber. Then, the tooth is covered with a temporary crown to protect it. When your permanent crown is ready in a few weeks, you’ll return to the office for it to be cemented into place. With that, your tooth will be functional and your smile will be preserved.

Call Our Office Today

If you are experiencing a toothache, then don’t wait. Schedule an appointment at Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, to determine if root canal therapy is required. We also serve patients in Pembroke, Hooksett, Canterbury, Loudon, Bow, and Manchester and the surrounding communities.

Children’s Dentistry is a Priority at Generations Dental Care

November 10, 2014

469174173Your children are your priority and your children’s teeth are our priority at Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, where children’s dentistry is practiced with gentle care. Just like adults, children should see the dentist twice a year, too. At Generations Dental Care, we recommend that you begin bringing your child to the dentist around the age of three. At that age, they are likely capable of sitting in the dentist’s chair for the brief time we’ll need to conduct an exam. Of course, if there is something that concerns you, then please bring them earlier.

Children’s Dentistry: The Foundation of Good Oral Health

Actually, your child’s dental health begins at home with you. Did you know that you can help your child avoid cavities as they grow? First, if your child uses a pacifier, never “clean” that pacifier in your mouth. Likewise, don’t share eating utensils with your children. When you do, you may be transferring decay-causing bacteria from your mouth directly to theirs.

Around the age of four to six months of age, your baby’s teeth will begin to appear. When they do, cleaning is simple. Take a soft cloth or gauze dipped in warm water and gently wipe their teeth clean. Don’t neglect those baby teeth that allow your child to chew, talk and smile.

When you bring your child to Generations Dental Care, we will count their teeth at their first appointment, and at all of their ensuing visits, we’ll clean their teeth, check for proper development, and examine for signs of tooth decay. We may also recommend dental sealants—a thin plastic coating that is “painted” on molars to seal them against decay causing bacteria—or fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth’s enamel, the first line of defense against decay.

Call Our Office Today

If the time has come for your child to visit the dentist, then schedule an appointment today with Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH. We also serve children (and adults) from Manchester, Bow, Loudon, and Canterbury, Hooksett, Pembroke and the surrounding areas.

Crowns and Bridges from Generations Dental Care

October 27, 2014

164144314When a tooth is missing, whether because of extraction for severe decay or traumatic injury, the space vacated must be filled in order to maintain proper alignment of the remaining teeth. If teeth become misaligned, this can lead to a bad bite, gum disease or temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ. To avoid all of this, there are crowns and bridges. At Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, our dentists create functional and natural-looking crowns and bridges to complete your smile and keep your mouth healthy.

Crowns, also known as caps, are most commonly used to completely cover a damaged tooth. In the case of crowns and bridges, however, a crown is placed over the teeth that are on either side of the missing teeth. These crowned teeth anchor the bridge that spans the space where teeth are missing. Attached to the bridge is the replacement tooth, or pontic, that fills the space of the missing tooth.

How are Crowns and Bridges Made?

Your dentist at Generations Dental Care will first need to slightly reduce the size of the anchor teeth in order to prepare them for crowns. Then, an impression is taken to make an exact mold for the crown and bridge. While your custom-fitted crown and bridge is fabricated in the dental lab, you will have a temporary replacement to cover the prepared teeth and open space. Then, when the permanent crowns and bridge are ready, the temporary is removed and the permanent crown and bridge is cemented into place. To ensure the longevity of your crowns and bridge, proper daily brushing and flossing is imperative. Also, see your dentist at Generations Dental Care for regular check-ups at least twice per year.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you have a missing tooth, then don’t wait for the consequences before deciding to take action. Call our office today for an appointment with one of our qualified dentists. Generations Dental Care serves patients in Concord, NH, as well as the surrounding areas of Canterbury, Hooksett, Pembroke, Loudon, Bow and Manchester.

Bruxism Treatment: Find Lasting Relief from Teeth Grinding in Concord, NH

September 22, 2014

465464685Bruxism, or teeth grinding, affects approximately 20 percent of the adult population in America. Because the majority of bruxism patients are not aware that they are engaging in this destructive behavior, the damage caused by the grinding goes unnoticed until a dentist discovers it at a routine checkup. A Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, our team of experienced doctors and dental staff offer a variety of preventive and general family dentistry solutions, including treatment for bruxism.

Why is Bruxism Treatment Important?

The forces exerted by the muscles of the jaw are intense in a patient with bruxism. While the patient is asleep, the teeth are forcibly ground together, back and forth as well as side to side in some cases. This action not only damages the surfaces of your teeth, but may also cause cracks to restorative and cosmetic dentistry work like crowns or veneers. Approximately 20 percent of people with bruxism also develop a condition called temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ disorder. This musculoskeletal issue leads to pain in the jaw, head, neck, and shoulders, and may cause serious damage to the joint that connects the jaw to the skull.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent the damage associated with bruxism. Our doctors will assess your case and may recommend the use of a customized nightguard, also known simply as a mouthguard. This comfortable, custom-fitted oral appliance keeps the teeth from grinding against one another by keeping the jaw in its proper position. Most patients report feeling relief from their symptoms after just one night!

Get the Bruxism Relief You Need

Has your partner ever told you that the sound of your teeth grinding at night keeps them from getting the sleep they need? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your teeth appear worn or flat along their top surfaces. If you suspect that you may be suffering from bruxism, please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Concord, NH today to schedule your appointment with our doctors at Generations Dental Care. We want to help you find a bruxism treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle and individual situation. Our warm, welcoming office proudly serves families from throughout Concord, Pembroke, Hooksett, Manchester, Bow, Loudon, Canterbury, and beyond.

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth with Custom Mouthguards

September 10, 2014

144320704If your children are participating in a sport this fall, you should consider getting them fitted for a custom mouthguard. Custom mouthguards are comfortable dental appliances that protect the teeth, gums and jaw from injury if you are hit in the head or mouth. Whether your child plays sports recreationally or competitively, there is always a risk of dental injury. Protect your child’s teeth by making an appointment with Generations Dental Care today. The experienced and caring dentists at Generations Dental Care will work with you to find the perfect mouthguard solution for your family. Generations Dental Care proudly serves families from Concord, NH, Manchester, Epsom, Loudon, Canterbury, Hooksett, Bow, Pembroke, Boscawen, Penacook, Hopkinton and surrounding communities.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three basic types of mouthguards. You may have already purchased a standard stock mouthguard. These are the least effective for preventing injuries because they are not fitted for the unique shape and size of the wearer’s bite. This can cause the wearer to clench down with the front teeth to hold the device in place.  This leaves the back teeth unprotected. The next type of mouthguard is the “boil and bite” variety. While slightly more customizable than the stock mouthguards, they essentially pose the same problem. The best choice is to visit the dentist to get a mouthguard custom fitted.  A custom fitted mouthguard will ensure that the entire mouth is protected and that the mouthguard fits comfortably. This is essential for children who wear braces or need other types of dental appliances.

Get a Custom Mouthguard in Concord, NH

Studies show that you are sixty times more likely to sustain an oral injury if you don’t wear a mouthguard while participating in athletic activity. By getting a custom mouthguard now, you could save thousands of dollars in dental bills from dental injuries resulting from the lack of protection of ill fitting mouthguards.  In addition to protecting the teeth, custom mouthguards can also help to protect the head in case of concussions or neck injuries. Make an appointment with the family dentists at Generations Dental Care today to get your child custom fitted for a mouthguard. Generations Dental Care is conveniently located in Concord, NH and serving patients in Manchester, Epsom, Loudon, Canterbury, Hooksett, Bow, Pembroke, Boscawen, Penacook, Hopkinton and surrounding areas.

Relax at the Dentist’s Office with Sedation Dentistry in Concord, NH

July 20, 2014

147352006For many patients, a fear of the dentist makes it difficult to pursue the services they need to maintain a beautiful smile and optimal oral health. Fortunately, feelings of dread and anxiety don’t have to keep you away from the dentist’s office any longer. At Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, our dedicated team of gentle, caring doctors and staff help patients find relief from dental anxiety with sedation dentistry.

Understanding Dental Fear & Sedation Dentistry

When you are stressed or anxious, the muscles throughout your body become tense and your breathing may become more rapid. You feel uncomfortable and nervous, making dental treatment more difficult and unpleasant for both you and your dentist. At Generations Dental Care, we make an effort every day to ensure that our patients feel welcome and treated like family, and this includes making them as comfortable as possible during treatment.

Sedation dentistry is particularly helpful for patients who experience difficulty with the following common issues:

  • Anxiety regarding the dental office or procedures
  • The inability to sit or lie still for an extended period of time
  • An excessively sensitive gag reflex
  • The need for multiple procedures in one visit
  • Difficulty becoming or staying numb with local anesthetic
  • A phobia concerning any of the sights, sounds, or smells of the dental office
  • Patients with special needs and/or trouble controlling movements

Throughout the course of your sedation dentistry treatment, our team will monitor you to ensure that you are completely safe. Don’t wait another day to schedule your visit for necessary dental care. You won’t believe how much easier and more pleasant your next checkup or dental procedure can be with the help of proven sedation dentistry.

Find Out How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You

If you’ve been avoiding making a dental appointment because of negative associations with the dentist, Generations Dental Care wants to help. Contact our office today to schedule your visit with our team, and experience the difference that sedation dentistry can make in your next checkup. Our doctors will work closely with you to determine the most ideal course of action and treatment plan, all while making sure that you feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe. We look forward to serving you and your family! Our practice in Concord, NH warmly welcomes patients from throughout the surrounding areas, including Pembroke, Penacook, Epsom, Canterbury, Manchester, Loudon, Boscawen, Chichester, and beyond.

TMJ Therapy in Concord, NH: Finally Find Lasting Relief from TMJ Pain

June 3, 2014

Shutterstock Mouth PainDo you often wake up in the morning with a sore jaw and a pounding headache? Are your shoulders and neck often stiff and achy, but you can’t figure out why? It is possible that you are suffering from a condition called temporomandibular Joint disorder, or TMJ disorder. At Generations Dental Care in Concord, NH, our experienced team of doctors offers a variety of general dentistry solutions, including TMJ therapy.

The Importance of TMJ Therapy

The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects your lower jaw, or mandible, to your cranium. When these joints become irritated due to injury, bruxism (teeth grinding), or repeated clenching of the jaw, the patient experiences a variety of undesirable symptoms, including:

  • Recurrent migraines
  • Pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and jaw
  • A sore, throbbing jaw
  • A popping or clicking sound when the jaw is opened and closed
  • Facial pain
  • Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears

Over time, untreated TMJ disorder can result in gradual damage to the muscles and ligaments of the jaw. Fortunately, TMJ therapy at Generations Dental Care can help. Our doctors will take the time to talk with you about your symptoms, as well as explain our treatment options to determine which service would best suit your individual needs. We can provide you with a customized oral appliance that helps to alleviate tension and pressure, allowing you to get a restful night’s sleep without any of the pain caused by TMJ disorder.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you think that you are a loved one is suffering from the effects of TMJ disorder, contact our office today to schedule your consultation with our experienced doctors and staff. We look forward to helping you finally find lasting relief from the pain associated with this common condition and moving on with your daily life in peace and comfort. Our family-friendly office in Concord, NH proudly serves patients from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Manchester, Epsom, Loudon, Canterbury, Hooksett, Bow, Pembroke, Boscawen, Penacook, Hopkinton, and beyond.

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